Sunday, March 14, 2010

test,test n test..

wohoooooooooo...tomorrow schedule:15/3/2010

4-5pm: Business quiz (chapter 5) (OMT 115)

Tuesday: (16/3/2010)

9-12noon: graded test KEYBOARDING (OMT 121)

Wednesday: (17/3/2010)

presentation CTU101 on surah(maybe if sempat habis semua groups)
quiz 2 Office administration 1 (omt 131)

Thursday: 18/3/2010
class as usual until 6pm

9-12 noon (common test ofis admin 1 omt 131)

Ya allah, hopefully with my clear intention to be the successful person, is always be with me..
amin ya rabbal alamin..

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